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Samantha is one half of Illustries.com, the successful gifting memory book company launched in 2010.

Illustries (short for Illustrated Histories) is the brainchild of Samantha Smith and her business partner Emma Penrice or as they call themselves, Head of Pictures (Samantha as a design director) and Head of Words (Emma, a professional writer).

The pair had worked together on several commercial projects when they both went freelance at a similar time. Emma had an idea and she knew it was a great opportunity to combine their skills. Emma got married in 2008, quickly realising that the traditional ‘wedding album’ hadn’t evolved, she couldn’t find anything ‘different’ to celebrate her memories, so together Sam and Emma combined years of design and marketing experience to create a range of unique, quirky, fun and stylish books.

Illustries.com was born during an intensive 3 day lock in (location, a small rented apartment in Cheltenham), then they got to work building the brand.

Illustries started creating one-off wedding albums, each one individually created to uniquely reflect their customer’s wedding day. Emma writes their story, capturing all the details, from first meeting to happy ever after, while Samantha brings photographs and memories to life with great design.

It wasn’t long before the pair, overrun by ideas, expanded their range with ‘off the shelf’ titles.

Their contemporary, simple, quirky and fun books are designed to capture the milestones and memories of life in style and with ease. ‘We like to make sure our books are beautiful, practical and useful.’ So every book in our growing range started life as a solution to a problem.

All too often, baby journals, wedding albums, guest books and memory books are old fashioned or tricky to complete. Traditional wedding albums tended to lack personality, so we added all the details of the big day and some creative design touches to bring each unique wedding to life.

Wedding guest books were blank, and guests never know what to write, so we worked in prompts, questions and features to make sure the happy couple ends up with a funny and engaging message book to treasure forever.

The popularity of our wedding planner has astonished us. Based on Sam’s note book when she got wed, our customer’s love the quality, the light-hearted and witty content and the design. We continue to update this title with limited edition colours and finishes each year.

Our couples then started to have families so we grew with them.

Baby journals seemed to have endless questions – hard work and time consuming to complete when pregnant, or with a little one in toe. We made them simple, with cute but not cutsie styling making sure you record all the important memories, nothing more and nothing less. And once the baby books were filled in, there was nothing to record all those amazing, and everyday, moments of life as a family, so we created one, that you can spend quality time filling in together.

And as always, life never stays still, so nor does their collection!

Visit: www.illustries.com Tel: 0845 468 1610 Email: Hello@illustries.com

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