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Illustries is the brainchild of Samantha Neal and Emma Penrice or as they call themselves, Head of Pictures (Samantha as a creative director) and Head of Words (Emma is a professional writer). Their new idea developed as their friendship did.

The pair had worked together briefly and when Emma approached Samantha with an idea, she knew it was a great opportunity to combine their skills. Emma got married in 2008, quickly realising that the traditional ‘wedding album’ hadn’t evolved and that there was room for something a little different. Together they created Illustries, which they hope will become a well-known UK brand.

Illustries create one-off memory books, each one individually created to uniquely reflect their customer’s special day. Emma writes their story, capturing all the details, from first meeting to happy ever after, while Samantha brings photographs and memories to life with great design. Illustries have launched their first collection to the wedding market but plan to expand their range of Illustries to cover all life’s memorable moments, starting with big birthdays, retirements and new baby Illustries next year.

For weddings, Illustries have lovingly created three special designs, so there is an Illustry for every style. These are listed below but for more details please visit our mini ‘temporary’ website

Classic Illustry

A more traditional ‘storybook’ with large photographs, a classical writing style and simple but elegant design layout. 80 pages with a hardback cover, Illustries certified with our library ticket and stamp.

Avant Garde Illustry

A ‘quirkier’ style book, with large photos, a snappier writing style and lots of graphics and illustrations to compliment the story. 80 pages with a hardback cover, Illustries certified with our library ticket and stamp.

‘Celeb’ Magazine

Star in your very own celebrity-style magazine! Each issue uniquely numbered with 52 pages of pure inside gossip. As well as the full ‘Wedding Story’, features include the stag and hen parties, an A-Z of the wedding day, interviews, caught on camera and guest comments.

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Our Latest Illustry...

Since launching the Illustries brand in 2011 Sam & Emma’s product range has grown from there signature bespoke coffee table wedding albums to tea towel favors, wedding guest books and now the HEN PARTY MESSAGE BOOK.

Taking inspiration from the success of their ‘no more blank pages’ guest book they have launched the hen book with the same attention to detail, fun contents and illustries charm.

Leave messages, play games and record the party from start to finish. End up with more than a hangover!
Completely new and unique – don’t let your hens be stuck for something to say or do! The Illustries Hen Party Message Book is quirky, tongue in cheek and fun, without a hint of tackiness.
Features include ‘Don’t tell the bride’ quiz, awards page, plenty of space for messages, game suggestions, doodles, quotes, room for photos and lots of thoughtful prompts to get the hen party started and keep it going for as long as you can!
There are 40 pages in this portrait book, plenty of room to join in. Choose from two cover designs, ‘Bit of a Hen Do’ or ‘Final Fling Before the Ring’ with the same jam-packed pages inside.

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